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What Past Couples Have to Say 

"Nicole is the best wedding planner!!!

     Nicole was absolutely the best decision I made about my wedding! She was                extremely professional and went above and beyond to make my day special. She          was always there to answer my questions and she made wonderful suggestions and      vendor recommendations! She is truly the BEST! During my big day I had a quite a        large vendor issue, no fault of Nicole’s, she had the situation fixed before I even            knew anything was wrong!! I spoke to many different wedding planners during my        wedding planning process and I can confirm Nicole is the best choice!!"

Ashlea & Jonah, April 2021

"Simply the best!

      We hired Nicole to help us after our original wedding date was cancelled due to         Covid. While very familiar with the area we were planning our 30A wedding from       Texas and travel restrictions made it even harder to do. Nicole was SO incredibly         wonderful. From start to finish she made our day absolute perfection. I couldn’t have       done it without her. I was able to fully relax and enjoy my day with my family and         friends because I knew Nicole had everything taken care of. Your wedding day is         such an important day in your life. Let Nicole help make it one that you can truly           relax and enjoy with your husband to be!"

Mallory & William, March 2021

"Wedding in the making

      Honestly we got lucky that we found Nicole. She is amazing at her job and so             professional. With as much as we talked via email to zoom calls, I felt like I’ve             known her for years. She took every note and details that I had started and made         our wedding into our fair tail. Things I would never would of thought of, she was           already working on it. She even was able to get a last minute timeline for the               groom. She is truly amazing and you’d be lucky to have her part of your day."

Vanessa & Michael, February 2021

"Nicole is Awesome! 

      Nicole was so helpful and flexible throughout our less-than-ideal 2020 wedding           planning process. Her knowledge and thoughtfulness was a breath of fresh air, and       I'm so happy we hired her. I would definitely recommend her for your wedding or         event!"

Talia & Justin, September 2020

"Absolutely Amazing!!

    From our first meeting until she left the reception at the end of the night Nicole was         fantastic. We were provided with wonderful vendor recommendations for everything.     She went above and beyond to make sure every detail was taken care of (including       walking our dog before the reception at our home). We were able to enjoy our             special day because of the confidence we had knowing Nicole would handle any       and all issues the day of the wedding and we weren't disappointed."

Lori & Richard, November 2020